Scuba diving

Naxos is beautiful out and INSIDE the water! Dive in to another world and become a real scuba diver. For beginners a program of 3 hours is available which includes a dive up to 6 meters. All you need is a good mood, a bathing suit and to be older than 8 years.


Horse riding & quality horse training

We choose the horse is appropriate for your skills, your capacity and your needs.
Naxos is an amazing island full of mounds and hills, solid germination and fantastic beaches.
In one of the most famous beaches , in Plaka is taking place the horse trekking. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset while you will ride by the aquamarine of the sea.

The alternative ride is taking place through the countryside of Naxos island passing through the fields and enjoying the view of Orkos area and the view of Naxos town.



Our IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way while your IKO Instructor respects your rhythm and takes you through all the steps so you can reach your goals.

During the Level 1 you will get all the basic knowledge to fly a kite in a safe way

During the Level 2 you will use all flying knowledge you gained in Level 1, but make sure you wear a flotation vest, and keep your helmet on because in this level you are ready to get in the water. Once you complete this portion of the program you will start riding the board.

The level 3 is the stage where all those dreams and hard work pay off, as you get to feel the board on your feet! By the end of the section you will be able to start jumping and will truly be an independent rider. Then you are off to explore the world’s different locations, water surfaces and wind strengths!



Professional instructors recognized by VDWS (German Federation Windsurfing Schools) qualified to teach at all levels, from child to adult, you will experience the joy of gliding on the water. The children will have a fun and easy approach with sails and boards. A particular attention to women rigs with light and easily maneuverable (complete with sails masts and booms). All under the constant supervision of the instructors who will be in the water with you.