Yoga by the sea


From/per person 35


Discover yoga by the sea for a unique experience

  • Morning Yoga  starts at 8am & 9:15am

Embark on a journey of wellness and renewal on your vacations!Through the breathing techniques and yoga poses, we will open our hearts, look up and realize our biggest dreams! The practice of Yoga takes place by the sea and up to the sand! We breathe and see the sea, the sky and the sun! It is like a dream! 

Join in our morning class and start your day with smile, happiness, peace and quiet or join in our sunset yoga class, admire the sunset and breathe fresh Aegean air.

Our goal is to feel your bests, relax the body and calm the mind!

  • Sunset Yoga start at 7:45pm
  • Face Yoga starts 11am or 7pm

Face yoga involves massage and exercises that stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. This technique is designed to soften and relax your face muscles to help alleviate tension, stress, and worry. This may also help you stop making the facial expressions associated with those feelings.

It is a natural anti-aging method. We learn to lift, tone and sculpt our face from the inside out. Look younger and fresher without wrinkles! The lessons take place by the sea and the environment is so wonderful and calm!

It's time to shine!!!

The location is in Saint George beach and the duration is for 1hour

  • Private yoga  for 1hour
  • Yoga on the beach + Discovery 1 hour yoga plus the discovery lesson underwater
  • Yoga Diving is the yoga underwater, the duration is for 2h and first you must have done one discovery at least or to have PADI license

Contact with us for more information and prices.


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